Week 8


This week I used my workup session to quiz my tutor a bit more about phpmyadmin. This is the section of our quiz game that i will be working on, the database for the leaderboard. I have created the database itself and have all the different categories set up for it, such as the name of a user, score of the user, and time date the quiz was taken. I am yet to figure out how i will link the leaderboard with the quiz itself, i will surely have to discuss with the rest of my team later this week how we are going to do that. I think it would probably be better to work that out though once the core game has been completed.

In the contact session we had to sit through all the other groups progress reports, showcasing their quiz and its features. We also had to do a short presentation to the tutor only as we had run out of time and the tutors split up to cover more groups at the same time.

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