Poster and Pitch Reflections (Week 5)


This week in my workshop session we were taught about filezilla. This software is an important part of our assessment for this semester, as it is where we will be hosting all the files for our website. All of our group members are able to add files to the linux server using this software.

In the contact class, we will be giving a short 3 minute presentation on our concept, to our peers. For the presentation we will explain what the concept is all about, giving them a brief idea of it. We prepared two different mockup posters for this presentation, but we decided to go with the latter. The poster I made was quite easy to make since I am experienced enough in photoshop to be able to create them quickly and efficiently. Here are the two posters our group created.

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  1. Hi Hayden,

    Your blog needs to be majorly updated ASAP to reflect on the course up till the current week.


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