Week 4


This weeks contact session required us to bring in 5 different ideas as a group to discuss in regard to our group project. We spent the class brainstorming about these ideas and picking things from each that we liked and adding them into one good idea. We finally decided that we would be making a quiz application which focused on Australian history.

Later in the week I established this concept for the quiz app:
This general knowledge quiz would be designed specifically for trivia enthusiasts. Particularly those from ages 15-30 years old. And of course, each question will focus on Australian history. Players will be required to answer as any questions as possible within a given time. When a question is answered correctly, time is added to the clock. Difficulty level is enforced by different starting time limits. When the time reaches 0 seconds, the amount of questions answered correctly will be counted and your score will be added to a leaderboard where you will e prompted to enter your name.

I also began working on a logo for our group in the workshop session this week, since I am well ahead in regard to photoshop skill than wha tis being taught at the moment. I thought I would spend my time doing something much more productive.

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