Week 6


We are at the stage in the project where we really have figured out what we want do to with our quiz game. The quiz will be based around Australian history and have a set list of questions posed to the user. The user will have a time limit to answer as many of these questions correctly as possible. Time will be added for each correct answer and the final score will be determined by how many questions were answered correctly. The trove implementation part comes in at the end of the quiz, where data will be pulled from trove relating to the question asked. This will give the user more information about a question they answered correctly/incorrectly and hopefully teach them something new about that topic.

In the contact we talked about where we should be heading now and decided it would be best complete our mockups/wireframes for next week, while also continuing our work on the main structure of the website. I believe that we are progressing well with the overall project and i'm happy with my teams effort toward it.

In my workshop i got the tutor to show me some tips and tricks in myphpadmin which removed some uncertainty that i had about it. Hopefully this will enable me to help our team with this part of our project more.

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