Experience with Digital Prototype and User Test (Week 11)


This week we presented our digital prototype to the class. There are still a number of things to do. My leader board does not display the top 10 scores and it also needs to be linked with the score from the actual game, which is still being worked on. 1 point needs to be added to the score tally when the correct answer only is chosen, right now its adding a point for every answer. Also, trove images need to be implemented still on the questions page.
Users filled out a questionnaire for us giving more feedback about the website. We had some helpful advice, such as increasing the difficulty of questions or allowing a certain difficulty to be chosen at the start of the game.k

Overall I felt really please with our prototype because we received a number of positive and encouraging comments from our peers and tutors alike. I felt like we were on the right track to a great quiz game and it was nearly within our reach, only two more weeks until our final presentation at the trade show.

From now our plan is to polish up the core features of the website and then potentially focus on adding more features like the suggested difficulty level of questions.

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