Team Work Module (Week 3)


This week we formed groups in our contact. At first I wanted to do a specific topic that one group was doing, but there was a limit on how many group members were allowed in each group. I had to go with another group, who were doing a quiz and i wasn't too fond of that. I later got used to the idea and was happy with my team as they were all nice blokes who got along well. Though I was also still a bit sceptical of their programming ability and knowledge, as they were only completing subjects like INFS1200 and CSSE1001 now, and i had done that last semester as an introduction to the harder courses such as DECO1800.

In the workshop I had to complete an online teamwork module, which I thought would be somewhat, but I have already covered most of the stuff in some of my other subjects which involved teamwork. I don't think I took in any new information from this and it was a bit of a waste of my time. I talked to my team mates about their experience with the teamwork module and they found it useful to them, so I suppose it was worth it in the long run because now we will all be thinking the same when it comes to team work.

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