Week 10


In this particular week I came to class and found that the tutor had decided to play music from the speakers in the class room. The mood was a lot more laid back and as a team we didn't really have much constructive work being done. Mostly conversation about what we did over the mid semester break. But we did get eachother up to date with what work we had completed in the time we had been apart. Over the break we managed to finalise most of our website design and all the pages were functioning correctly, no broken links or anything were found upon inspection. I felt really pleased with my groups progress, as we seemed to be on track and had more of a vision for our final product compared with what I had seen with some other groups. But I didn't let this distract us, I made sure each team member continued working on their assigned parts so we didn't get behind as the project deadline was looming ever so close over our heads. It would have been a big problem if we left everything so late that it clashed with exam study and other due work in the coming weeks, so better to get most of it out of the way now. In the contact we worked out some bugs interfering with our UI and that was about it.

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